How You Can Partner With Us

First and foremost, our desire is that you would partner with us through PRAYER.  We have witnessed the fruit of prayer and have been greatly blessed by it.

Another great opportunity to help out HIS Ranch is to come volunteer!  Our application is available upon request.  We ask that first time volunteers limit their stay to 2 weeks.

If you are interested in bringing a work team to HIS Ranch, please contact us with any questions or to schedule your visit at 877-HIS-RNCH or email us at

Third, if God would lay on your heart a desire to contribute financially, it would bless us greatly.  If you wish to have your donation used for a specific purpose, please make your wishes known when you send the donation.  All donations are tax-deductible and a receipt will be provided.


HIS Ranch
7032 County Road 308
Taylor, MO  63471



HIS Ranch Merchandise

T-shirts (adult, short-sleeved) - $15

T-shirts (adult, long-sleeved) - $20

T-shirts (kids, short-sleeved) - $10

T-shirts (kids, long-sleeved/pink & black only) - $15

Brown sweatshirt with logo- $40

Caps with logo (tan, pre-torn edges dark brown, pink, camo) - $20

To order: Please send a check for the full amount of the merchandise plus $5 shipping/handling to the address listed above. Please include a specific list of items being ordered including size.


For the building

  • Skilled Labor
  • Lumber
  • Gift cards to local home building centers

For the horses

  • Hay
  • Beet Pulp
  • Bulk Rolled Oats
  • Gift cards to local farm supply stores

For the landscaping

  • Canopy or Open Tent
  • Trees*
  • Flowers (both perennial & annual)*
  • Plants*
  • Benches/swings/etc.
  • Large - Medium decorative landscape rocks
  • Gardening tools
  • Gift cards to nurseries

*Please see our blog ( or contact our office for more specific details.

Volunteer Help

If you are interested in spending time as a volunteer at HIS Ranch, please contact us via phone or email to request a volunteer application. Previous equine experience is not required. You must be 18 years of age or older to apply.